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IoTracX is an "Emerging Technology" Company Designing Next Generation Solutions for the Connected World.

We work on some of the cutting edge emerging technologies such as  IoT, AI & Blockchain.

We develop Plug-n-Play Components to help businesses adopt these technologies and streamline their Business, Operational and Service Processes.

We provide Industry Specific, Customized Solutions   for End-to-End Use Case Realization.


We Aspire To Be The Preferred Technology Enabler for Multifarious Industries Where IoT & Related Technologies Can Play A Pivotal Role

IoTracX IoT Solution Themes


We Are Incubated At 

International Institute of Information Technology - Bengaluru


Explore our current use case scenarios

Smart Parking

Our sensor based parking device enables the parking and facilities management companies to streamline their parking services. Applications range from real-time parking availability notifications, online reservation, vehicle counting and fleet management.  

Smart Waste Management

Our waste management solution includes bin level sensors and bin tagging devices for optimizing the logistics and operational challenges faced by waste collection companies. We are the first company to deploy LPWAN based bin level sensors for public garbage bins in India.

Process Automation

Our process automation solution helps companies to streamline their inventory and supply chain system, using a combination of weight automation and RFID tagging. 

Everything as a Service

Introducing XaaSense ®

Our Everything-as-a-Service Cloud, Designed To Leverage The Connected Ecosystem & Sharing Economy

A Complete IoT Remote Monitoring Solution for Monetizing Your Assets 

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