About IoTracX

IoTracX builds plug-n-play components around IoT and related emerging technologies for customers to help them transform their business, operational and service processes   

Welcome to the "Internet Of Things" Revolution

Back in the day when all business was conducted using pen, papers and a pile of files assisted with an occasional phone call, the world moved at a snail's pace, and manual labor was a norm.

The advent of Information technology translated the pen & paper approach to forms & portals to gather data, databases to simulate file storage and the internet acting as this giant medium for enabling instant, multi media communication. The world moved at a faster pace but manual data entry was still the norm.

Enter the "Internet of Things", and we are now talking about automated data gathering, real-time processing and seamless communication between humans and machines. The challenge now lies in building automated data entry points and instantly optimizing business decisions based on that. That is where Big Data and Artificial Intelligence play a role. 

Our Vision

IoTracX was founded in 2016 to develop combinatorial hardware & software solutions for solving specific industry problems that can be addressed within the broader framework of Internet of Things.

IoTracX has developed a niche suite of products and platform components to address the general challenges in managing & optimizing business processes and enabling sustainable practices. Our Vision is to continue in the same path and build solution using emerging technologies across multiple industry verticals

Our Mission

IoTracX works with a select set of customers to build and deploy state-of-the-art, IoT enabled solutions. We let customers focus on their core business while we work behind the scenes, as their technology enabler, to transform their business processes with the help of "Internet of Things".

Connected Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Smart cities are all about building an efficient and optimized city infrastructure that can serve the citizens in a better way as well as help the local city government to become more responsive. IoTracX is working on a few key areas around smart cities, in the domain of waste management and parking.

IoT In Supply Chain

Connected Inventory

Inventory management is a critical aspect in business operations for most brick and mortar companies. IoTracX has developed a solution for automating the inventory management processes for warehouses and supply chain operations. 

Smart Agro

IoTracX provides smart technological interventions to enhance the agricultural processes, in turn benefiting both the farmers and practitioners. Solutions range from automation to testing of vital ingredients such as soil & water and derive meaningful insights from data . 

Team IoTracX

IoTracX is led by a vibrant team of generalists as well as specialists who are always exploring the next cutting edge technology 

Core Team

Gopinath Sheregar

​Co-founder, CEO

Shyam Purkayastha

​Co-founder, CTO

VageeshPrasad Bairethaya

Blockchain Developer

Seema Singh

Cloud Engineer

Shreya Beloor

Cloud & Blockchain Engineer

Ashay V Badikana

Digital Marketing Lead

Utsav Solanki

Cloud Developer

VS Naarayanan

IoT Engineer


Rohan Shrothrium

Aswini Rao

Aswini rao Nunna

Solution Architect


Michal Kostecki

Warsaw, Poland

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