Connected Inventory Solutions for Efficient Supply Chain Management

A Connected Inventory System Allows Businesses to

  • Keep a close tab on incoming materials and their consumption
  • Maintain a closed loop ordering system with the suppliers
  • Minimise the time to order and procurement
  • Improve the overall operational process and reduce pilferage

Inventory Management Through Weight Automation

IoTracX provides connected inventory automation solution for various supply chain and warehouse management use cases

Typical applications include material management, automated order and procurement, asset tracking & consumption tracking

Connected Inventory Tracking via Weight Automation

Case Study : Inventory Automation for Food & Beverages Supplies


An F&B distribution company in engaged in the supply of condiments and spices for a wide variety of cuisines.Their major customers are restaurant chains and eateries in the west coast of US.


As a distributor, they have to constantly grapple with the problems of last minute orders and uncertainty in their supply chain to be able to fulfill seasonal demands.

They were looking for a solution which can completely automate their distribution link with customers and enable them to forecast the demand so that it can be fulfilled in time.​


IoTracX developed a connected inventory system to track all the raw materials and consumables. This was done by transforming the kitchen storage compartments with sensors to measure the weight of storage containers.

Once this system was in place, it became easy to monitor all the containers remotely. The F&B distribution company installed a set of such containers in a kitchens of a few of their restaurant partners.

Connected Inventory for F&B and Pantry Supplies


This solution is beneficial for both the parties. For the end customer (restaurant), this is a real boon because by automating their kitchen inventory tracking they can

  • Save time in order processing
  • Set and program presets for order placement based on the rate of depletion of stock
  • Get a hawk eye view on the consumption patterns of raw material and check for wastage and /or pilferage

For the F&B Distributor this solution help to

  • Achieve complete automation in order processing and delivery
  • Build better relationship with customer by ensuring continuous supply based on demand
  • Gain insights about order and consumption patterns for better management of their upstream supply chain

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